Beginner Music Lessons

At Westside Music School, we believe that kids of any age from 3 to 83 and older can learn how to play music. We offer a range of classes for all ages, from beginning classes on up. Below you’ll find our current school year offerings…

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HARMONY ROAD 1 (Kindergarten: Ages 5 – 6)

The HARMONY ROAD course was specially designed for kindergarten age (5 and 6 year olds), with parent participation in class and at home. The children learn through a combination of effective and enjoyable activities which include rhythm and movement, solfege and expressive singing, ear training, solo and ensemble keyboard playing, keyboard harmony and applied theory, creativity (improvising and composing), and music reading and writing. This exceptional course develops the child’s “inner hearing” which makes skills such as transposing, improvising, and composing easily accessible in their musical studies. Parents share in the group experience.

YOUNG MUSICIAN 1 (Grades 1-2: Ages 6-8)

The YOUNG MUSICIAN course was created for beginners age 6-8 (first and second grades), and features singing, ear training, rhythm, ear training, solo and ensemble keyboard playing, keyboard harmony and applied theory, music reading and writing, and creative activities. Parents share in class time and are guided in follow-up activities.

KEYBOARD PREP 1 (Ages 8-13)

KEYBOARD PREP is a contemporary keyboard and piano program created for beginners ages 8-13. The motivational material develops strong musical skills through keyboard playing, rhythm ensembles, solfege singing, theory and keyboard harmony, ear training, music reading, writing, and composing. Parent involvement is strongly encouraged.

“Way Cool” Keyboarding for Teens

(Beginning Level)

This innovative program is designed especially for teens with music that is fun and interesting and accompaniments that “rock”! Teens can hang out and make music together while they learn to read music, improvise and play from chord charts – preparing them for garage bands, praise and worship bands, and other popular ensembles.

Introduction to Music – Keyboard for Adult Beginners

(Beginning Level)

Have you ever wished you could play the piano or organ?
Whether you play a little or not at all…
If you want to play for your own enjoyment…
If you want a fun, stress-free learning experience…
This class is for you!

  • Designed specifically for hobbyists
  • Learn to play by chords
  • Learn to read music
  • Enjoy a stress-free learning environment
  • Familiar tunes and original music


Classes meet 45 minutes weekly for 6-week segments.

Westside Music School

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From the Chorus

"Thank you for being such a wonderful piano teacher. You make learning how to play the piano fun, and you encourage us to try our best. See you next fall!"

-- Jackie, Student

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