*TUITION DISCOUNT:  If the entire semester fee is paid no later than the first week of class, you may take an early payment discount of  $10.00   for Toddler Tunes (for a total tuition payment of $190.00),  $12.00 for Music in Me (for a total tuition payment of *$324.00), $12.00 for Adult Classes (for a total of $428.00 for a 4-month term), or $15.00 for other courses (for a total of **$535.00 for Harmony Road, Young Musician, or Keyboard Prep, Keyboard Musician or Piano).

If you have questions or need further information, please contact the music school office at (503) 533-5100.

REGISTRATION: To enroll, complete the application and, deliver or mail along with the Registration/Material Fee to: Westside Music School, 1800 NW 167th Place, Suite 110, Beaverton, OR 97006. Registration/material fee for new students is $95.00 (except for Music in Me, More Music in Me, and Toddler Tunes); this includes materials for the first year of lessons. Registration/material fee for continuing students is $75.00 annually. Class spaces are reserved only when the Registration Fee is received. If both your 1st and 2nd choice class spaces are filled, you will be given a 3rd choice. If this is inconvenient, your money will be refunded. The Registration/Material Fee covers all material costs, administrative costs and printing costs for the 1st year of classes (1st term for Music in Me, More Music in Me). Registration fees are non-refundable (unless the class time is cancelled by the music school). For questions or further information contact the school at 503-553-5100.

CLASS SIZE: Each beginning class must have a minimum of 5 students. If one of the classes you have registered for does not have enough students, we will contact you and make arrangements for a different time.

ATTENDANCE: Westside Music School offers NO refunds or credits for student absences; however, arrangements may be made for a make-up class if available. Weekly class assignments will be available for pickup at the front desk, or you can request the assignment be emailed if you notify the front desk or the teacher in advance of the absence. Occasional private lessons (for an additional fee) may be available. Classes missed because of teacher illness will be rescheduled by the teacher to a reasonable day and time. The teacher will notify you in advance of any make-up classes of this kind. Students in private lessons are required to give a minimum of 24 hours notice if unable to attend, otherwise will be charged lesson fee.

TUITION PAYMENTS: Payable in advance and due no later than the first lesson of the term. Payments can be made in the form of cash, check, or credit card. Those desiring to split the tuition into monthly installments will be enrolled with our autopay provider (automatic monthly deduction from checking account or credit card of your choice). Notifying the office in advance of an absence is a courtesy to the teacher but does not excuse tuition payment. Tuition paid for the term is not refundable in part or whole. When a student is enrolled in the Westside Music School program, a commitment is made for the entire term. For your convenience, tuition may be paid via our auto-pay provider in 5 EQUAL monthly installments by automatic monthly deduction from your choice of checking account or credit card.

INCLEMENT WEATHER CANCELLATION: Official snow cancellation days or cancellations due to other extremely hazardous weather conditions will be determined by the Westside Music School office. We rarely decide before 1:00 p.m. whether afternoon and evening classes will be canceled. We do not always follow public school weather cancellations, as the weather conditions often change between early morning (when public school administrators must make their decisions) and the afternoon/evening hours of our classes. We will try to notify students affected by cancellations by one or more of the following methods: 1) major radio stations announcements, 2) announcement on our voice mail, 3) phone calls and/or emails to students’ parents. It is imperative that working parents leave a work phone with their teacher in case of inclement weather cancellations or teacher illness so that they can be called. If your home or work phone number changes at any time during the year, please let us know immediately. One class per school year may be canceled for each day of the week without a make-up. However, if your class has 2 or more cancellations of this kind, we schedule make-ups for every cancellation except the first one.

RECITALS, PERFORMANCE CLASSES: Three or more special recital and/or performance class opportunities will be held each semester for all students (Harmony Road 1 and above). One of those performance classes is included in the tuition as a lesson. The others can be used as a makeup for a missed class or as a bonus class.  Time and date of performance class opportunities will be determined by the staff. “Family Night” Recital Programs are usually held during the last month of each semester (January and June).

PARENT ORIENTATION: One class at a specially scheduled time within the first 8 weeks will be attended by parents only. At this time, the staff will explain and demonstrate teaching techniques used at Westside Music School, discuss our teaching philosophy, and show how to assist your child in class and at home. This date is determined by the teaching staff. Please arrange for all children to be taken care of at home while you attend this class.

SIBLINGS: The class your child is enrolled in is for him/her and parents to share. A sibling of any age, but especially under 4, is a distraction for your enrolled child, you, everyone else in the class, and your teacher. While we love these little ones dearly, we ask that you make other arrangements for them during our classes. Your enrolled child will be happy to be sharing this special time with you, and when your little one is old enough for classes, you will again benefit from this rule in that your class will not be disrupted by the siblings of other families. On the rare occasion that a sibling must be present, the sibling must be under the direct supervision of the parent at all times.

WITHDRAWALS: Students withdrawing from the program shall pay tuition to the end of the term. No refund is issued for any remaining classes for the current term when a student withdraws during the term. Notifying the office one month (4 weeks) of a planned withdrawal is a courtesy to the teacher, but does not excuse tuition payment for the remainder of the term.

RETURNED CHECK: The customer agrees to pay the twenty-five dollars ($35.00) processing fee for a returned check (NSF, etc.), whatever the reason.

PAST DUE ACCOUNTS: Accounts not paid after three monthly billing statements will be turned over for collection.

OTHER: The Westside Music School reserves the right to reschedule, regroup, discontinue classes or reassign teachers as deemed necessary.

Westside Music School

1800 NW 167th Place, Suite 110
Beaverton, Oregon 97006
(503) 533-5100

From the Chorus

"Thank you for being such a wonderful piano teacher. You make learning how to play the piano fun, and you encourage us to try our best. See you next fall!"

-- Jackie, Student

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